Welcome to the community

In this role I have an relationship
In this role also a just close relationship
There’s an attachment, mutual attachment
There’s an association and I want nothing in return for it
In this role we’re a bond
In this role we tie a link there’s union
There’s again I want nothing from you
There’s again a just have an relationship
There’s again is just a close relationship
In this role fellowship comradeship, companionship,
In this role lasting friendships trust may fallout but come right back
There’s an relationship between friends sends a message I always got ya back

• F— Feeling fellowship to my fellow man in whom I love abundantly
• R—Reporting rapport understanding in unity more affinity in harmony
• I— Intimacy so I’ll have an mutual love for man and mankind
• E—Empathy toward me and others esteem
• N—Natural love sociability solidarity benevolence
• D—Delving declaiming closeness, rapport, unity

In this role and when my wrongs are forgiven you reach out with no strife
Friendship – this is what the role does and how it plays in my life

by James Edward Lee Sr.

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