Save Animals Save Ourselves

the ultimate used his creativity,
and planned for a huge diversity,
tiger, lion, parrot, carrot everyone else,
from every nationality,
we are sanctity,
if you have humanity,
you don’t hope yourselves as vanity.
we are one among in you,
but you made us few.
you will flourish,
if you save us.
you will perish,
if you pave us.
we roar to all his creativity,
to have a little humanity.
to save, not pave.
we buzz to help us,
rather you fuss.
we all fall in pathos,
save us and have kudos.
enshrine, not destroy,
all world can heal,
let us plant tree and leave them free.
almighty created all of us,
let them also take a chance to live
killing animals should not be a fun
so let all put our hands together to shun

by masarapu navyasree

4 Replies to “Save Animals Save Ourselves”

  1. When everybody else take the time on this way to fight for your own time, and think about each fact done ahead for change worse things to come over the world, in union by rights defense of animals, nature, people everything, everywhere, we find the real way to move. Finally I think, take a rest of my life, in peace. Go ahead, !!!

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