Bandit of My Heart

Oh, Bandit, what’s your impish task
While sporting, sly, that little mask?

You seem quite innocent and frail
Yet the kitchen tells a different tale

Floor all messy, the counters, too
Paw prints that led straight to you

But while I had a penance planned
You’re far too sweet to reprimand

Looking slumberous in your slouch
Reclining leisurely upon the couch

Soon you’ll close those kitty eyes
And off you’ll scamper to fantasize

Such fuzzy mitts you’ll fuzzily flail
While prizing creatures, (and your tail)

I can’t help query what you’ll scheme
While making mischief in your dream

Though doubts, have I, it can’t outdo
The pranks you pull while being You

But antics granted, here you’ll stay
Because I’d have you no other way

So while you’re “Plunder-On-All-Fours”
You’ve plundered, too, this heart..

That’s yours

by Gregory R Barden

3 Replies to “Bandit of My Heart”

  1. hi ‘iliket the whriter from yours you can take any ghotografhy and put what you under stand .
    sory for my english not as your
    lweel send my whorld with kiss your mouth and oh this like drinkig shambania cant stop
    yor nam what if you want others im,single

  2. Lovely I must say, but sweet I am not. For I have had enough, I’m ready to meet my mark. Heart is full, head it hurts, relieve me now, relieve me later….doesn’t matter….he’s still a traitor.

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